Friday, November 28, 2008

Austin's Duet

This is an email from Austin, in New York City, describing how he adjusted the pressure switch on his Whirlpool machine to allow it to use more water during a cycle. I am posting this in hopes that it will encourage others to attempt this repair proceedure to their machines. By adding water to each cycle on our machine (Joe T.) we solved the stinky towel and clothes problem. Our machine never has any foul smell since adding water to each cycle. We're now getting clean cloths that are soap free, no more itching because the so called clean cloths are still filled with dried soap and no more mildew odor when you open the door!!!!! GOOD LUCK to all.

Joe T.

Mike, or Joe - not sure which one to give credit to.
I jsut did your suggested alteration to my whirlpool duet - took 5 mins to get lid off (3 screws at back) took 3 trial and error adjustments to that bottom screw on the pressure switch (at the final setting i had made 2 full rotations clockwise of the screw), and now the machine fills to the bottom of the door, right to the point where it passes the overflow/rubber section of the bottom of the steel tub.

its brilliant. I haven’t re-washed my towels yet to see if the stink is gone, but Im confident that it will make a big difference.

it took no more than 10 minutes of work and an hour of watching and waiting to see the fill level. interestingly, the first 1.5 turns of the screw did nothing to the water level, which got me a little discouraged at first that it wasnt working.
thanks so much.
im really thankful that you spent the time to document this for me.
youre a kind guy.
best regards,

New York City.